Answer to a student's question about cycles

from Answers vol. 10
(class for March 13, 1990)

A.A. Taliaferro, F.R.C., D.D.

Copyright 1992 by A.A. Taliaferro

Question: You mentioned a few evenings ago that the most importance facet of business today is timing, and that timing is a function of the soul. I notice that H. Spencer Lewis, the founder of the present Rosicrucian Order, relates timing to cycles. He bases cycles on birth date, but in some of his writings he sets cycles on weekly patterns which are the same for all individuals. How can one cycle for the week be the same for all individuals?

Answer: In Dr. H. Spencer Lewis' book, Self-mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life, is the detailed information on the seven cosmic cycles each year. Each one lasts 52 days. The first one begins on March 31, which is the start of the Spring. We all live through seven cycles each year, year after year.

In addition to these cycles of the year there are others which are individual and group cycles. Your birth date is the beginning of your life, which is your March 21. The cosmic experience of your consciousness, or your soul, coming into a brand new kind of awareness is your Christmas. This is true even if it happened in the middle of August. It is still your Christmas.

The cycles in which each individual lives begin with the day of birth. The business cycle begins on the day that the business was first thought about and conceived in the consciousness as a viable entity. It begins to exist in consciousness even though it has not yet been implemented on the material plane. Other cycles are initiated with each material manifestation such as talking to somebody about coming into the business with you or going to the bank to ask the banker for a loan.

We all have to learn to think in terms of these interlocking, kaleidoscopic workings of the cycles. These cycles are merely descriptions of energies that work in certain ways. Your first breath began a cycle that had to do with the energy that caused you to become what the Bible calls a "living soul." In other words, your physical body took on an independent life outside the mother's womb. The soul at the first breath entered your body and gave you consciousness. That was the beginning of an energy and force that comprises your nature - that makes you a "being."

You are conscious of yourself because you are a bundle of energy. According to modern science, the electronic energy of your soul and the atomic energy of the cells of your body have to cooperate with energies from other planetary systems. The sun is particularly important in our solar system.

If you had appropriate instruments to measure the energy coming from the stars and other bodies in the universe, you could determine how our earthly life is influenced. It takes hundreds of thousands of light years for a star's energy to reach the Earth, but it does. There is a correlation between all that goes on out there and all that goes on on planet Earth. Constellations such as the Great Bear, the Seven Sisters - are parts of our cosmic scheme.

Each body has energy which is cyclical in nature. Every day articles are published which describe new discoveries. In fact, scientists are finding brand new parts of the universe. They are using the power of their psychic senses to imagine and using their consciousness to create. This exercise produces results step by step in cycles. Eventually people become physically aware of what they previously only sensed to exist. The idea comes before the proof.

In other words, what you are calling cycles is really the function of different kinds of energies. An energy caused you to be on the day of your birth. When the time comes for you to go through transition, and the funeral home gets your remains, your consciousness will observe the whole thing. The whole process will happen in accordance with the function of the cycles of energies.

In the meantime, the earth itself is functioning according to the law of cycles. The earth is now operating in a mode that brings forth certain things - such as the development of science and technology. For example, the human consciousness is aware of electricity and devised ways to engineer its use. Certain people have been stimulated to expand the boundaries. Electricity has been forever, of course, but people didn't know it. Discoveries all happen according to cycles. The zodiacal signs are symbols of cycles.

The individual in living and doing his everyday thinking and feeling cannot possibly think in terms of cycles. He has to focus on what is necessary to keep himself going. The fact is that the cycles are working in a constructive way. When we think and determine that we are going to do something, we set in motion certain laws and principles. We sow the seeds which, at some time in the future, because of the cycles, will automatically produce results.

Think about the baseball player who gets up and determines where he wants to put the ball. He thinks about it, imagines it, and then rears back and throws it. When the ball leaves his hand the law of cause and effect is set in motion. The player cannot say, "I want to change the direction of this ball." The same thing is true when we set a law in motion. We cannot stop the functioning of the law, or those energies. The term "law" simply means that we have observed that energies function repeatedly and invariably in the same way.

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