July 27, 1996

The Wedding Day

I am sitting bent over
my head between my knees
one hand holding the electric hair dryer
another entwined in auburn damp thickness

     How long has it been since I looked at it?
     Months of Texas summer heat has had it
     pulled back - wet - straight out of the shower

     Before that even.
     The fall and winter prior,
          I had given up the hair dryer
          waste of time and electricity.

My pregnant belly is cramped in this position
     (the new wedding dress allows for the swelling)
but the multitude of coarse white strands in my fingers holds my attention

This is the hair you love
that tumbles down around us
in the silvery shadows of love

and so I wear it down today,
soft, braided a bit, long

© 1996, B. Ruth Rinehart

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